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1 February 2024

Leaders Summit: Championing Corporate Social Justice

Partnering with #WilsonHartnell, The Core Story is delighted to support the #OpenDoorsInitiative, who work with people facing barriers to employability and collaborate with organisations to build inclusive, equitable workplaces.

Minister #SimonCoveney along with business leaders and members of came together this morning at The House of Lords for the Open Doors Leaders Summit Event with a focus on a shift from CSR to Corporate Social Justice.

An inspirational panel of leaders from #indeed , #ey#sodexo and #bankofamerica shared their stories on how they have created initiatives to support inclusive recruitment, disability and cultural awareness. There is a new way to do business, which is human centred.

CEO of Open Doors Initiative #JeanneMcDonagh encouraged attendees to create change and positive social impact, creating opportunities for all.

More information is available here.

25 January

BioPharma & Life Sciences Connected Live

The Core Story is thrilled to partner with the Biopharma and Life Sciences Conference and Exhibition, taking place January 25th at the Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa in Little Island, Cork.

Our CEO, Padraig Hyland will be discussing the latest trends and future of BioPharma with leading experts in the industry. Over 75 leading speakers involved in the development & manufacturing of biopharmaceutical & biotech products & technology will participate in a full day’s schedule of keynote talks & panels on the topics shaping the sector.

Join The Core Story team at stand 59a. Registration for this event is FREE! Register now

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Wednesday 6 December

Building a Business with Heart

Connecting with the heart of the team and organisation is what leads to profound transformation and a lasting legacy.  Building a business with❤️is about creating a company culture that prioritises purpose and impact, ensuring that all stakeholders, including employees, customers and community members, feel valued and heard.

By focusing on people, transparency, community and leadership, you can create a business that makes a profit and positively impacts the world.

Find out more at our event on Wednesday 6th December @ 14.00 GMT / 09.00 Eastern Standard Time.

This event has now ended
17 - 18 October

UNLEASH World – Paris

The Core Story Team is excited to attend UNLEASH World 2023 in Paris, the most influential HR event in the world.

The Core Story believe the way we do business is changing, and as leaders work to drive performance, steering their organisation toward a brighter, more sustainable future, one thing is clear—no leader can go it alone.

The Core Story believe it is time for a game-changing approach to engagement —an approach that sparks from the heart of your organisation.

Join us at booth #C113 to discuss our game changing approach or reach out to set up a meeting on site. 



This event has now ended
Thursday 28 September

Authenticity: The Key to Great Leadership

Authenticity is a buzzword these days, we seem to hear it everywhere. However, it is much more than just a fad. If you want to recruit and retain the best talent, you have to lead differently and you need to create a workplace where people want to work and feel valued.

Authentic Leaders use personal values to inform decision making, meaning their authentic self (and those of team members) is important to the story and success of an organisation.

Bill George, the former chairman and CEO of Medtronic in his book, “Authentic Leadership” demonstrates that authentic leaders of mission-driven companies will create far greater shareholder value than financially oriented companies.

The Core Story firmly believe that the core of outstanding leadership is authenticity. Authentic leaders can have a profound impact on individuals and organisations, creating environments where people can thrive, collaborate and achieve meaningful results.

Find out more at our event on Thursday 28th September @ 09.00 Eastern / 14.00 British Summer Time.

Event has now ended
Monday 24th July

Making Purpose a Business Advantage

The role of work has changed. More than 9 out of 10 employees are willing to give up a quarter of their lifetime earnings in order to find work that has meaning – meaning over means!

When people are engaged, its because they work for businesses of the future – businesses that know how to balance profit with purpose.

This makes it more important than ever for companies to define their purpose layer.

Purpose is the “why” of your business. It brings clarity to your strategy, your economic model, understanding the stakeholders you want to serve and how you are going to serve them. Investors care about purpose as it is indicative of your long-term objectives.

Having a purpose statement is one thing – it’s what you do with it that will truly drive growth. To get that unlock you must go deep with purpose. Deep purpose which unlocks growth is about your world view – an identity statement about who you are.

The Core Story deep listening process focuses organisations to really nail their ambition, purpose and what people truly care about. We believe that business is as much about heart, as it is about smart.   This creates a thriving culture infused with purpose that engages all of your stakeholders.

Find out more at our event on Monday 24th July @ 09.00 Eastern / 14.00 British Summer Time.

Event has ended
Wednesday 7 June

The Power of Storytelling in Sales

People have passed on stories since the beginning of time. It started around campfires, and has evolved over time in stories about religion, Shakespeare etc. Today its TED talks, town hall meetings, story led marketing campaigns and Instagram stories.

As human beings, we are all natural storytellers. Perfecting this skill in the workplace allows you to become a great salesperson, build connections and instil trust instantly.

The buying process has changed – the biggest sell, in many cases, is persuading and convincing your internal stakeholders. Emotions, not facts, dominate B2B buying – arming yourself with the facts is important, but it is the story that will close your deal.

During this session we will look at success stories, loss-framing stories, stories for key objections as well as closing stories. We will discuss the anti-story – a type of narrative which has the goal of challenging or subverting the key message. It portrays the beliefs, myths or alternative viewpoints to the story you are trying to tell.

Find out more at our session on The Power of Storytelling in Sales on Wednesday 7 June @ 09.00 Eastern / 14.00 British Summer Time. Places are limited and available on a first come first served basis.

Event has ended
Thursday 27 April

How to tell your Strategy Story

According to German bestselling thriller novelist and business strategist Veit Etzold, “Strategies are stories, started in the factual present and resolved in the as yet undetermined future.”

The Harvard Business Review recently published an article titled “Your Strategy Needs a Story” highlighting that strategy should not just be a set of analytical and logical choices.

Storytelling can help leaders to create a compelling narrative that communicates vision, values, and goals and inspires people to work together towards a common purpose. By crafting a story that resonates, leaders can create a sense of connection and belonging, improving engagement, motivation, and staying on track.  When we pull together towards a common goal, together we can, when we cannot or will not connect to the consensus narrative, we fall apart.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for strategy development. By creating a single compelling narrative that connects with stakeholders emotionally, leaders can improve employee engagement, motivation, and retention, simplify complex ideas, develop a sense of urgency and momentum, and build trust and credibility.

Find out more at our session on Strategy & Story on Thursday 27th April @ 09.00 Eastern / 14.00 British Summer Time facilitated by Padraig Hyland and Dr Yolande Coombes.

Event has ended
Thursday 23 March

Telling Stories with Data

Data is the lifeblood of any organization or business, but understanding and using it effectively can be challenging. So how do we make sense of it all? How can we bring out the underlying meaning of complex data?

The answer is simple: storytelling. We use the emotional part of our brain to take decisions – we need to take our data and wrap it in a compelling story.

Storytelling allows us to take seemingly unrelated facts, figures, and statistics from our research or analysis projects and weave them into a narrative that communicates something meaningful about the topic. By using stories as an interpretive tool for understanding complex information sets, professionals can better explain their findings in a way that resonates with their audience – whether they’re clients or colleagues – without relying on overly technical explanations.

Find out more at our session Data & Storytelling on Thursday 23rd March @ 14.00 GMT/ 09.00 Eastern led by Dr. Yolande Coombes and Padraig Hyland.

Event has ended
Thursday 26 January

Storytelling in Business

Connect & persuade through story | Speak with impact

Do you want to learn more about storytelling and business and the powerful impact it can have?

What kind of stories do organisations need to have? Are personal stories good stories to tell in business?

Padraig Hyland, CEO, of The Core Story’s will answer some of these questions at the upcoming Kilkenny Chamber Chat that is taking place in The Set Theatre, Langtons Kilkenny on Thursday 26th January at 6.30pm.

If you are in the area, this is a free event for members and non-members and a great way to kick start 2023.

Spaces are limited and to register for this event, email Roisin [email protected]

Thursday 26 January

Storytelling in Action

Connect & persuade through story | Speak with impact

Join our ‘Storytelling in Action’ FREE session on Thursday 26 January @ 14.00 GMT/ 09.00 Eastern (30-45mins) facilitated by Padraig Hyland, Founder of The Core Story. This session is designed to provide you with a space to come and practice sharing your stories, determine what your story is and learn more about the power of story and the impact it can have on your business.

If you have a specific story you are working on; this session is a safe environment for you to share and get immediate feedback and insight. It will be a working session so come along with your cameras on!

Event ended

Do you want to showcase your coaching talents?

If you are a coach and would like to be involved in our FREE monthly webinars please get in touch. We like to showcase new talents and approaches and give you the platform to do so. The Core Story™ brings together skills and experience from international business strategy, performing and creative arts, leadership development, broadcasting, and journalism, to create meaningful business stories and strategies, with powerful results.
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